Executive Multisport Coaching

Are you wanting to get into the World of Triathlon or wanting a complete in-depth coaching solution?

Or are you wanting to take your performance to the next level with personalized coaching input, feedback sessions and workout analysis?

Or Are you finding you are not getting the attention you require from a coach? Need something more than a program and a weekly mail saying “keep it up, you’re looking great”?

At ONE80 Multisport Europe, we have build the ultimate coaching package from the ground up! Our Executive Multisport Package gives you, the athlete, access to a completely athlete focused training portal, where your every need is accounted for. 

From a thorough on-boarding process where we get all the information we need to understand you better to a complete set of current fitness test to swimming, cycling and running analysis (video by others) with corrective measures for more efficiency.

We take care of your short, medium and long term goals and build your seasons program to include all your goals and races around your timetable.

In other words, we’ve got you covered! We explain everything to you, each acronym, each data point and how the best way forward is for you.

What exactly is included…

First things first, you!

– A FREE discussion around your needs and wants are from a coach and training program. 

– Full on-boarding interview via Zoom (or similar),

– Testing with Internationally recognized protocols. 

– We give you a complete report and analysis of your results, per sport and how these influence your training.

– Based on test results; your short, medium and long term goals are finalized. 

– Premium access to Today’s Plan online training portal.

– Your season over view is generated and specific goals and races are incorporated.

Monthly Commitment:

– Overall feedback and analysis from the prior month and looking forward to the coming months training. 

Weekly Commitment:

– Your Program is delivered Thursday prior to the training week.

– Catch-up call with coach to go through the last weeks training and the goals for the week ahead. Specific highlights in the program that needs attention will be dealt with during this call.

Daily Commitment:

– Feedback or questions asked around training, nutrition, analytics, testing, results etc. via WhatsApp or Mail.

Additional Commitments:

– Full feedback and analysis of all testing via Video Call every 5 to 6 weeks.

– Technique analysis of all sports through video data (to be filmed by others).

– Motivation and interest blog’s and posts on Facebook Group or to mailbox.

– Booking for Training Camps & Workshops prior to general athletes.

– On tour, Your coach by your side at your race (additional fee).