We are not all equal in the Water

We all would like to increase our abilities and body fitness. Through coaching, you can unlock your true potential. With collaborative goal setting, individualized training plans and constant athlete – coach communication, we together will work towards and achieving your goals. Our athlete-centric coaching environment gives you, all the support and resources you require to be to become the best version of yourself.

I will be there with you, every step of the way. 

Athlete-Centric Coaching

We believe that the human body has more talent and potential than we can imagine. It can deliver results no one could have ever thought possible. We believe the hardest challenge lies between our ears.

Our athlete-centric coaching brings your needs and requirements to the fore as we create an individualized program for and around you. 

Your program is based on understanding you. Understanding of your current fitness levels, your short, medium and long terms goals, your competencies in the swim, on the bike or running, and any limitations that may be in play; available training capacity, training aids (trainers, access to pools) etc.

ONE80 Multisport, being an International Triathlon Club based in South Africa, United States and Europe, we draw a vast amount of experience from all our highly qualified coaches, each with many years coaching and competing at the highest levels. 

The 4 Secrets to your Success

There is no magic pill when it comes to fitness, but there are ways to ensure you get the best possible gains out of every session. We not only focus on the numbers; but also on you, your body, your goals and your achievements. Our 4 secrets to success are not really a secret, its more how we analyse all your metrics that ensures your progress is always measured and optimized for maximum benefit.


Each program we produce is personalized to you and your current fitness levels. These are created using International best practice testing methodology.


Consistency is key to any training program, we ensure you get the right amount of training and intensity for each session ensuring maximum benefit.

Goal orientated

Goals are the backbone to any training program, these discussed together and included into your year plan. We identify all races and plan your training in conjunction with these to ensure you peak at the right times.


Measurement of various data points on a daily basis gives us an insight into your training progression, from sleeping habits to nutrition. We ensure you are always performing at your optimum best.

Exec Multisport Coaching

Ultimate Multisport Coaching assistant, insuring every aspect of your Multisport journey is covered.

Multisport Coaching

Premium Multisport coaching package with personalized programs for the individual athlete.

Single Sport Coaching

Single sport coaching package, with personalized programs for individual sports; Swimming, Cycling, Running

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