Coaching for Type 1 Diabetes

You have a desire and need for change, but you are not sure how or where to begin. Coaching is a collaborative solution that unlocks one’s true potential to maximize growth, personal development and performance. It is an environment which allows you, to learn and expand your horizons through self awareness. The power lies in the belief that we, as individuals, ultimately know our own path and destiny. As a coach I ask you the right questions, which allows you to understand what needs to change, how it needs to change and how to start the change you want!

I will walk your journey with you, supporting you and cheering you on.

Type 1 Diabetes

The constant daily churn of blood meter readings, injections and hypo’s, the lack of consistency in your life to really give you peace of mind and lack the courage to face the daily grind of a chronic illness, does this resonate with you?

Burnt out… Stressed… Unmotivated… Tired… Anxious… or simply had enough?

Do you wish you were free? The freedom to live life fully and happily?

I cannot give you the freedom that we all so desperately wish for (I will leave that in the very capable hands of the scientists), but I can set you on the path towards enlightenment, confidence and happiness. By putting your health in the spotlight and consistently living your best life, you allow yourself freedom and security.

How can coaching help…

Through thought provoking and solution driven one on one sessions and post session support, something special happens. You, the individual, are in the driving seat of your future.

Each individual session is based on YOUR daily struggles and difficulties in relation to YOUR life and mindset with Type 1 diabetes. We all know what needs to be done but we lack the mindset, continued motivation and practicalities to get it done.

Listed below, are my coaching beliefs and focus points that can arise when living with Type 1 diabetes.

4 focus points to get you focused on your future

“Forget perfect practice and instead focus on giving the perfect effort” – Allister McCaw


Nutrition is crucial in the management of Type 1. What seems to be challenging is the ability to consistently eat good, nourishing and wholesome food.

By exploring support systems, routines and strategies, we can create a plan to focus on consistency and quality, preparation and mindset


Sleep disturbances have a negative consequence in the control of blood sugar control and all round diabetes management.

Understanding this, we focus and prioritize the quality and quantity of your sleeping habits, with the advantages being  the restorative and healing effect sleep has on our bodies. 


The lack of any exercise has a negative effect across our whole bodily systems; increasing insulin resistance, decreased heart & lung functions to general fatigue.

With the use of basic exercise functions; increases insulin sensitivity,drop blood sugar levels and increases your level of control in the management of Type 1 Diabetes

mental & emotional

Stress and emotion’s play a significant role in the management of Type 1 Diabetes, elevated blood sugar levels will cause havoc.

Our focus is to bring our mind and soul into line with your bodies needs and functions. Through the use of improved tools and habit formation so we can implement these in our daily lives.

Supporting your condition

On a personal note, I have always had the most amazing medical support for my diabetes, yet I have never felt so alone as I do living as a Type 1 diabetic. How can you explain the burn out? The diabetes distress? The daily diabetic thoughts that ink their way into every area of your life. How can people who don’t have to go through this possibly understand what going through this feels like?

There is no easy way to sugar coat it (okay, very bad pun!) but diabetes is hard. This stuff is for the warriors, the die-hards and the extremists. It is a relentless journey to an unknown place with little to no enjoyable scenery or benefits. It is a grind, it is a slog and it is mind blowingly exhausting. And the worst part is that you feel alone on your journey. You are tired, strung out and frustrated from the daily mental focus and energy needed to maintain this lifestyle.

I want to be your support buddy, your accountability partner and your outlet to working through all the itchy, uncomfortable feelings around living with Diabetes. I want to hold the space and allow you to breathe and let go, to shout it out to the treetops and finally rest in a place where you have the inner strength and focus to pick yourself up and carry on…

Because what else is there left to do? But to keep carrying on…

You got this!


If i have a diabetic educator, then do I need a coach?

The answer is YES! Absolutely!

An educator will teach you about the basics of diabetes and how it will affect your life. They assist you with management of your medication, how to inject and day to day aspects of diabetes. They are also responsible for ensuring routine examinations like eye tests and blood tests are carried out. Diabetic educators form an integral part of the diabetes management team.

A coach takes the information and advice given by the Diabetic educator and assists and mentors the individual in implementing the advice. Coaching addresses mindset and habit formation that allows you to take control and focus on the nitty gritty of life’s obstacles, motivation and consistency. They are the missing link between the receiving of advice and the doing of the advice, using accountability and the ever present support.

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”

– Katie