Coaching for the individual

Life is not easy, it is busy, complex and complicated. Moments for self reflection and self development are non existent. You push the limits to achieve greater things and the only plan is to make it through the day, preferably with your dignity intact!

If only life could slow down and simplify, or at best, stop for long enough to get your admin done, your house cleaned, your eyebrows waxed or your just mailbox emptied.

I hear you… But deep down we all know that is never going to happen… Life will never slow down, you will always have a messy house and your inbox will never be empty!!

There has got to be more to life right?

We could be happier!   More fulfilled!   More energized!

The problem here is that our happiness and fulfillment is based on so many assumptions…

The assumption that a successful career gives us status, respect and happiness.

The assumption that being perfect is the marker for success and happiness.

The assumption that acceptance by others validates our acceptance of ourselves.

The assumption that life was meant to be this busy.. This chaotic.. This crazy!

But what if life isn’t about all those things?

What if happiness and fulfillment lies within us and not outside of us?

That good, wholesome living of self acceptance and self worth. Surely it is worth more happiness that all that other stuff!

What if by just turning our focus inward and spending a little more time on the importance of self care, we can live a happier, more fulfilled and more energetic life! Listed below, are my coaching beliefs and focus points that can we focus on for coaching for the individual.

4 focus points to get you focused on your future

“Forget perfect practice and instead focus on giving the perfect effort” – Allister McCaw


With no time focusing on ourselves or understanding our own capabilities, we tend to try do everything all the time.

Understanding ourselves and our capabilities better, allows us to be more efficient and effective within our personal lives and current tasks 

confidence & self esteem

Taking time to make decisions or the courage to do something often has to do with the belief in ourselves.

Taking control of these thoughts and actions, promotes the feeling of positivity and strength, which creates a proud new you.

resistance to disease

Fatigue and stress is detrimental to ones health, if 2020 has taught us anything is that we cannot take our health for granted, what ever age… and it is never too late!

Through self understanding, correct eating and exercise, we pave the way for you to build a better body to fight off infection become more resilient to disease.

time & love

Making the time to show affection and create special moments with people are only truly capable if we value ourselves to the fullest. 

Loving others completely is not possible until we love ourselves. Our thoughts and practices need to be aligned in order to truly show our inner feelings and sentiments to those around us.

Supporting self care

By focusing on the 4 pillars of wellness; namely sleep, nutrition, movement and mental and emotional wellness; you are able to gain a greater sense of self care. You will live a happier, more fulfilled and complete life. By focusing on you first, it allows you the opportunity to have energy and time for all the other stuff.

It all sounds so easy right?

We all know what we need to do so why can’t we just do it?

Well, life is built up on a series of habits that we have accumulated through the years. Some good habits.. Like brushing our teeth.. And some bad habits, like trawling mindlessly through social media. Because of the high demand of life, we have lost the good habits around self care. Through coaching and self awareness, one can develop and hold onto the habits that are helpful and let go of the habits that are not!

The work is hard but the rewards are far greater!

Are you ready for a great life???

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think” 

– Budda