Take off

        and fly

Why Coaching… 

You have a desire and need for change, but you are not sure how or where to begin. Coaching is a collaborative solution that unlocks one’s true potential to maximize growth, personal development and performance. It is an environment which allows you, to learn and expand your horizons through self awareness.

The power lies in the belief that we, as individuals, ultimately know our own path and destiny. As a coach I ask you the right questions, which allows you to understand what needs to change, how it needs to change and how to start the change you want!

I will walk your journey with you, supporting you and cheering you on.

Why do I Coach…

I believe in the power of a human and the uniqueness we own as an individual.

I believe the capacity for individual growth and development is endless.

I care…

I believe in the power of support and companionship during hard times.

I believe in the power of living a full and beautiful life, the life that you choose.

I believe you deserve the freedom to be your true self, to achieve the greatest you.

How can I help?

SHIFT coaching offers all potential clients a no obligation 45 minute discovery session for us to connect with one another, learn about one another and explore the opportunity of working together towards your goals.

Coaching for
the individual

If you are in search of a life altering transformation or simply trying to implement basic healthy lifestyle changes.

Working with a personal coach brings your inner goals and motivation to the surface in order bring out the best in you

Coaching for
Type 1 Diabetes

As a Type 1 myself, I am here to play a roll outside of the medical team, but in your personal space.

Coaching allows you to tackle issues such as motivation, burnout, consistency and the roller-coaster highs and lows you are on.

Coaching for Type 2,
Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome

It is always hard embarking on a new journey. It is both daunting and seemingly insurmountable.

Coaching breaks down big goals into manageable steps and gives you the confidence to take the leap.

SHIFT wellness offers you a free 45min introductory &

discovery session with Cheryl.