Our Story…

The SHIFT wellness story

The story of SHIFT wellness is a young one, with the idea being born a couple years ago. We envisaged bringing together a number of different entities to create an eco system for individuals and companies to participate in. We looked at the uniqueness of the individual and how the person is made of multiple facets. We looked at the body and identified; body movement, nutrition, sleep and the mind as the core components of individual well-being. These components are the basis to what we are and how we thrive. What can we, as humans be doing to become the best at who we can be. 

And SHIFT wellness was born…

The idea was to create a collective, a collective of like minded individuals and businesses to bring this together. The list of options are endless and we are committed to expand into more areas in the future. We want to give our clients as many resources as possible in order to create the best version of themselves. Not everyone is the same, which is great, as we are all individuals, thus SHIFT wellness will offer parts that interest you very much and those that don’t. And in that, lies the beauty.

Who is Cheryl

“A person is the foundation of their success. Without necessary care and consideration to that foundation, it cannot bear the weight of life.”

My Story

The idea of redefining yourself is always easier than the implementation. Losing your defining and unique characteristic is daunting to say the least and experiencing this loss while embarking on one of the most stressful periods in a young life, is incredibly challenging. At the age of 22, just over one year into my studies, I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. As a proudly controlled and definitive person, I was handed the uncontrollable. A lifelong disease requiring daily time, energy, focus and determination. No days off and no one to take the reins. I have experienced more burn outs, more tears and more triumphs through this illness than normal people will experience in a lifetime. I strive to never be consumed and limited by my condition.

Fast forward a few years, after 14 years as a Sports and orthopedic physiotherapist in South Africa, I felt a disconnect within myself. I want to guide support people in all areas of their life and not only physically. Be it mental, emotional, nutritional etc. This fueled and validated my need to expand my horizons and work on the next phase of my career. I have embarked on an Internationally accredited qualification in Coaching with the International Coaching Academy as well as the professional certification in LCHF diets through the Nutrition Network.

I am passionate about working in the health and wellness sector and supporting those with Chronic Illness. I want to guide and support people in defining themselves despite their illness. The freedom and liberation of self awareness and self healing.

Who is Mark

“As an athlete; attitude and commitment to follow through is the greatest quality. Taking each training session and giving it your best effort is the difference in reaching your goals or not… Focus and hard work will always triumph talent and no work.”

My Story

I believe we have a lot more in us than we all think, with correct knowledge, the right training and complete understanding of our bodies, we can go further and faster than we ever imagined. 

Being part of a sporting family, it was only a matter of time that my 2 true passions in life would collide and push my boundaries; My love for exercise and my love for teaching…

Coaching for me is quite simple; up-skill, motivate and grow an athlete to reach their full potential. With this comes an understanding between athlete and coach. The amount of effort and grit determines a great athlete, skills are there to be taught.

The transfer on knowledge is fundamental in any coach to athlete relationship, the more the the athlete understands about what and why they are doing things, the more they will trust and understand the process. 

Having been coaching on and off for 20+ years, and racing triathlon roughly the same amount of time, comes a wealth of knowledge and understanding and experience of what it takes to  set goals, train for them and then start exceeding them. 

With completing 2 Full Ironman, over a dozen 70.3 races and represented my region at Standard Distance Triathlons, I have been very fortunate to be able to share these experiences with fellow athletes. With individual sport code coaching training, I am in the position to offer athletes a complete coaching solution.