Mindset Coaching

Coaching through SHIFT welllness is  a trans formative process where by we explore your beliefs, values and ideas to give you the power to take control of your own health and wellness journey.

Compassionate 1 on 1 conversations, science based tools, coaching techniques and supportive inquiry form the back bone of your learning experience. 

You are worth living your best life every day

Sports Coaching´╗┐

SHIFT wellness offers a unique Sport & Performance Coaching offering through their partnership with ONE80 Multisport. Our belief is that a training program is more than just a weekly e-mail and an odd phone call, but a commitment between athlete and coach to set and attain goals.

SHIFT fitness offers guided walking/ running* activity sessions to suit all types of fitness and enjoyment levels.

ONE80 Multisport offer the very best in international testing protocols, assessments and experience, to create a unique program focused and centered around your abilities and goals.

nutrition Coaching

Nutritional wellness is a lifestyle that needs to be sustainable, accessible and enjoyable.

It is about eating wholesome food that is both free from additives or processes and occurs naturally. We are not asking for you to grab your spear and gathering basket and head to the local forest, but by making adjustments to your decisions in food choices, it can greatly impact your future health and overall wellness.


Our News letter finds its way into your inbox on a monthly basis. Stacked full of information to assist you in understanding the importance of our 3 pillars; Nutrition, Sleep and Life.

When we take control of these, we start to live and enjoy life! Each edition focuses on different aspects, tips & tricks and all round good hacks to ensure you get the most out of life.To get complete featured articles, our blog section is where the full article and details can be found.

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Coaching & Training through SHIFT wellness

As part of our network and in-house specialties we offer the following services at SHIFT wellness.

Coaching for the Individual

Do you have a desire or need for change and are unsure of how to get started?

Our Coaching systems are based on asking the right questions and allowing you to develop the change you need and where to start.

Type 1 Diabetes

Known as the “worlds loneliest ‘ diseases.

Type 1 Diabetics have just got the best helping hand they ever need, Cheryl (a type 1 diabetic) is bringing coaching to a new level, with a been there and done that understanding.

Type 2 & Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity

It is never easy making lifestyle changes and recreating a healthier version of yourself.

Shift wellness guides you in breaking down barriers, building self confidence through sustainable healthy habits. 

Nutrition Coaching

Call it what you want – LCHF, Keto, banting or wholesome eating.

SHIFT wellness makes the transition into whole food and low carb eating easy, fun, enjoyable and most importantly; sustainable.

ONE80 Multisport Coaching

With international best practice testing protocol, ONE80 Multisport gives athletes the edge in performance and fitness management. From KONA to 5km, we plot, plan and execute an individual training program to your ability. 

Walk 4 Wellness

An introduction to fitness aimed to get individuals training in a fun and social environment. Though a proven method of heart rate based walking/ running exercises, we increase fitness slowly to ensure safe progress.

Sports Injury Coaching

Launching soon

Massage by Cheryl

After more than 10 years as a Sports Physiotherapist, Cheryl now offers her experience as a massage therapist in Utrecht. 

Massage treatments include: prenatal and post natal massages, stress relief massage and sports massage.

Are you ready for the best you?